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Squirrels Square LLC, a Resource Management Specialist, provide solutions to companies from Startups to Big Enterprises in the areas of Resource Management, Project Management, Outsourcing, Offshore Delivery Center, Incubation and Ramp –Up.

Our services are centered on the business needs of our clients

arrow5 Accelerate projects: If you need to complete a project on time but your present staff doesn't have the time or skills, we can help.
arrow5 Manage turnover: If you have too many employees moving to new jobs or positions every 12 to 24 months, and you're spending too much time and money backfilling these positions, we can help.
arrow5 Access talent: If you have difficulty finding candidates with specialized skills, especially in IT positions, we can help.
arrow5 Low cost setup: If you are looking to cut down on the expenses by more than 70%, we can help you in building an exclusive Delivery Center in India.
arrow5 Incubation: If you have a burning desire to be an Entrepreneur and don’t have enough time to make it real, we can help you in fulfilling your dream.

Our services are designed with the needs of our clients in mind. Partnering with Squirrel Square LLC will allow you

arrow5 For Companies
    To meet the project deadlines by providing quality resources
    Reduce their overheads by 40% by providing dedicated resources
    Set up delivery center in India
arrow5 For Entrepreneurs
    Providing low cost garage space along with quality resources
    Incubate and Accelerate